Gav Toye Artwork

This selection of works were an investigation into the objecthood of a painting as its primary function.

The voids were used for this purpose as a replacement for the central figure that might occur in representational painting. The figure or body remained outside of the work, for example the artist-maker and/or the viewer. These voids became not only a replacement for the figure but a way in for it, a kind of portal.

I also became interested in the edges, the peripheral, and by building stretchers with edges in the centre I could bring this to the fore. It also made the stretcher innately part of the work, elevated from mere support to a framework. This was a way of maintaining an objecthood in the work. Where the ground might usually denote the beginning of a painting, the support was part of the drawing, and the ground and initial mark-making were the completion. It was a shifting of the painting-making process.