Gav Toye Artwork

These are a selection of drawings made with photoshop filters. Each starts out with a grid and the filters applied morph it into the drawings. They are an investigation into the manipulation of visual space possible in a drawing, moving from 'flatness' to something else, eg 3d space, and the mathematical principles that are the basis for that. As the space is manipulated it not only becomes 3d, it also has potential to become a form or an apparent solid, even a 'figure', in it's loosest sense.

I was thinking about mimicking the drawing style from my notebooks, for example the use of the wavy line, as a starting point and possible goal. It was an exercise in generating a potential system for a rudimentary algorithm or artificial intelligence in making art. Whether or not that is possible, it was interesting in helping to think about the humanity of art-making, if you define humanity as a binary opposite to predefined systems like machines (which I don't). It helped me develop a system of proposing work, which I have been using as titles since.